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Country Way of Living - Program Development Training (Series)

Updated: Mar 16

Every Sabbath (weekly for 10 weeks)

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Meeting ID: 870 2814 4209

Passcode: 049592


  1. Program Development - The 5 Keys of Survival (Feb. 24th - Intro)

    1. Conversion

    2. Country Living

    3. Resources on Your Property

    4. Evangelism

    5. Assisting Others

  2. Business Way of Living & Sustainability (March 9th) 6pm Central Time

    1. Identifying skills and things your are good at (Mechanical, Woodworking, Medical, Sewing, etc.)

  3. Farming Structure Model (March 9th) 6pm Central Time

    1. Business of farming and how to produce an income

  4. Special Training (March 16th) - This session will be rescheduled due to Baptism.

    1. Preparedness training, structure building, preserving, etc.

  5. Defense (March 23rd) 7pm Central Time

  6. Banking & Funding for Group Survival (March 30th) 7pm Central Time

    1. Bartering and trading services to supply the needs of our community and others

  7. Real Estate (April 6th) 7pm Central Time

    1. Property and multiple housing communities (encompassing the elderly, widows, and family)

    2. The proper way to purchase and divide land to get the best use of your land

  8. Security (April 13th) 7pm Central Time

    1. Service of protection

    2. Location is key

  9. Family (April 20th) 7pm Central Time

    1. Rearing a family in the country life and sustainability, conversion, teaching the children from day one, God first, and how unconverted family members can be an issue for your country living

  10. Church / Evangelism (April 27th) 7pm Central Time

    1. Spiritual preparation for Christ's return, public service, and medical missionary work, establishing sanitariums

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Never had a bad day 💯❤️🦾


I love what you guys are doing keep up the good work 💯❤️🎉

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